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What Should You Care After Penis Surgery?

Invasive penis extension surgeries come in a variety of forms. The most famous and most preferred ones are Penuma and conventional invasive penis extension surgery. If you are a good candidate, you can get penis extension surgery and have a successful operation. However, the procedure isn’t done yet. Even after your penis extension surgery, you should be extra cautious. There have been several reports of failure and serious side effects associated with penis extension surgery aftercare.

Aftercare Might Affect Surgery Results

When it comes to invasive cosmetic surgery procedures, most patients become very impatient afterward. They want to see the results magically, but your wound needs time and good care to heal after a cosmetic procedure. For example, we mentioned that there had been cases of penis extension surgery failure, but most of these cases are due to poor aftercare.

People may believe that the operations were failed due to inexperienced surgeons. Yes, it might also be possible; however, it is uncommon because most surgeons refuse to consider penis extension surgery requests from applicants who they believe may not perform well.

What To Do?

First, you need to deal with your impatient mood upon your sex life. You should say goodbye to your sex life for at least two weeks after your penis extension surgery. It would be best if you keep the surgical area of your genital clean as much as possible. The first two weeks of your surgery are the most important because most of the complications, especially infections, are seen during this time.

You can get rid of your bandages and sutures after a month, but this generally depends on your surgeon’s determination. Water is a must when it comes to faster healing from penis girth surgery. Water consumption should be doubled during your recovery.

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