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What Is Peyronie’s Disease?

Peyronie’s Disease is one of the rare conditions that men suffer. In this disease, scar tissue starts to grow towards the tip of the penis and causes curvedness. Although it does not bear any risks for erection, it can cause severe pain during the erection.

Depending on the patient, Peyronie’s Disease may lead to different shapes, and it can be in different sizes. However, in all cases, it leads to the curvedness of the penis and makes it impossible to have a proper sexual life.

Will Peyronie’s Disease Go Away?

It is worth noting that there is no cure for Peyronie’s Disease. Although there are many scientific studies focused on this condition, no cure has been developed yet. However, there are some treatments you can prefer to slow down the process.

In addition to this, the disease can go away in some patients. In mild form, some patients get rid of the disease between six months and one and a half years. It is important to treat your problem as soon as possible.

What Happens If Peyronie’s Disease is Left Untreated?

If you do not receive treatment, Peyronie’s Disease can lead to severe problems that will destroy your sexual life forever. The disease can lead to fibrotic thickening of the problematic areas. As a result, your penis starts to bend over time.

Moreover, you can experience mild to severe pain without any erections too. You should not neglect any examination and possible treatments to stop or slow down the advancement of the disease.

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