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Pros and Cons of Penuma Device

Penuma device is a medical-grade silicone that is implanted under the skin of the penis to make it girthier. Penuma device implantation is a common penis enlargement procedure that can be performed in aesthetic clinics and hospitals. Most plastic surgeons can be able to perform penuma device implantation, however, it is always your job to find the best surgeon for such an important invasive procedure. There are pros and cons of the penuma device implant and we would like to tell you about that in our post.

Pros of Penuma Device

Despite it’s an invasive penis enlargement procedure, penuma device implantation procedure does not take too much time for recovery like other procedures like penis extension surgery. Penuma device pushes your penis structure to enlarge.

Penuma Device is actually safer than it looks. Most people think that it’s a bit dangerous just because of the silicone implantation procedure. However, it gives considerably better results and the risk of complications is quite low.

Cons of Penuma Device

Since it’s an invasive medical procedure, the penuma device has also its own handicaps. Because of its working principles, a penuma device implant should be removed after achieving the penis enlargement objective. This means that you will undergo an additional invasive medical procedure and need more time to recover again.

There are some people who claim that their penis size returned to normal after the removal of their penuma device. Patients may insist on early removal penuma device before the right time. Surgeons should always tell about this risk to their patients honestly.

Penuma implantation is more expensive than any other penis enlargement procedures and can’t be performed in every aesthetic clinic or hospital. It can sometimes be harder to come by an aesthetic clinic or hospital that is able to perform such penis enlargement procedures.

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