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Penis Extension Surgery Sensation Loss

Penis extension surgery is generally considered a safe procedure these days. However, the number of people who think that it’s still a dangerous procedure to undergo is still too high. Penis extension surgery has a high risk of complications. For example, penis extension surgery is one of the most common complications that can be seen after the procedures.

Most candidates of penis extension surgeries are those who live with a micropenis. A man’s life can be devastated because of the micropenis situation and he may start considering getting a penis extension surgery. A penis extension surgery can make a man’s dream come true despite it’s a highly invasive medical procedure.

People are not so likely to follow the post-surgery recovery instructions of their doctors when it comes to getting a penis extension surgery. They have a right to do so because it is really hard to wait that long to have the first sex after months.

People may think that they are ready for the first sex after their penis extension surgery, however, if they are not as ready as they think, they may suffer from terrible complications after their surgery.

When it comes to speaking of complications, the worst thing that could happen to a patient is the loss of his penis. Well, that is actually the very first thing that people always think about. However, this does not happen anymore…

The most annoying complication is generally called ” the loss of sensation “. People may not sense the contacts intense like before because of the penis extension surgery. This complication is not permanent for sure, however, it may take a really long time for a body to completely refresh its senses after penis extension surgery.

If the loss of sensation over your penis still looks like it’s not going anywhere, you may need your doctor’s consultancy. You can ask for some prescription lotions, creams, and drugs from him.

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