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Penis Extension Surgery Scarring

Penis extension surgery scarring is a common problem, however, people should know that scarring and scars can sometimes be inevitable when it comes to getting such an invasive cosmetic procedure like penis extension surgery.

A penis extension surgery is the most invasive among all the other penis extension or enlargement procedures. The whole inner penis structure is changed by adding and cutting skin and tissue parts.

It is one of the riskiest cosmetic procedures in the medical world, but, the success rate is also very high. However, people are still hesitant about penis extension surgeries because of the possible complications and the scarring as well.

If you want to see a longer penis, you need to make some sacrifices. Full physical recovery of your penis may take at least 2 months and it is not a wise thing to be negative about such procedures before that time.

What you can do is very limited in this situation. However, you are not allowed to touch, scratch your penis, or apply anything to your penis without your doctor’s permission. Your surgeon will tell you everything you need to know about penis extension surgery recovery.

Your penis definitely will have scabs on it during your recovery. These scabs actually mean that you’re recovering from penis extension surgery wounds. You should not interfere with your scabs as well. They will be just doing their jobs and help your body heal its wounds.

The scabs will fall when they’re done with the healing job. You can’t be so sure if it’s the right time for your scabs to fall, so it is always the best thing for you to wait for them to fall by themselves.

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