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Penis Extension Surgery Recovery

Penis Extension Surgery is an invasive cosmetic surgery which involves the surgical increase in the size of a penis. It does not aim to make the penis look girthier, it simply provides a longer size. Since a penis extension surgery is a highly invasive cosmetic operation, it may require a longer recovery time than expected. Penis extension surgery recovery should be given good importance because it has happened in the past that some patients suffered from penis extension surgery failures.

A standard penis extension surgery does not actually involve the addition of extra tissue, skin, or fat cells to the penis. It is carried out by performing on the penis itself only. Connective tissue under the skin of the penis is cut as the first step after the skin is cut. After that, the location of the penis is changed by pulling it a bit front. This procedure grants the penis a longer size. The surgeon can make adds and cuts on the skin if he feels like they are necessary. Cut penis skin is sutured together and the patient is expected to wait a long time to fully recovery himself.


You can notice how invasive a penis extension surgery could be. Most patients are not allowed to have sex within two weeks after their penis extension surgery. Every action that would increase the risk of infection should be avoided.

You should not wear compression clothes or anything that could make you sweat. It is always best to undergo a penis extension surgery during spring or winter. Pushing your wounded penis sweat like this may result in terrible consequences.

Penis extension surgery failure cases are not so many, they’re actually rare. Since it’s cosmetic surgery, penis extension surgery always presents the risk of complications. Your surgery will observe your recovery process in case you may suffer from a severe complication. Your total recovery is expected to take 3-4 months.

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