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Penis Extension Surgery Pros and Cons

When it comes to speaking of an aesthetic procedure, especially penis extension surgery, there are always pros and cons to it. People can be very hesitant to consider getting aesthetic procedures. We prepared this post for those who would like to know some information on penis extension surgery pros and cons.

The first thing to tell you about the success rate of penis extension surgery is that it’s very high. You will have a longer penis after a penis extension surgery for sure. The procedure itself is very invasive and may even look cutthroat to you sometimes but it’s mostly safe.

People are very hesitant about it because they see some photos taken during penis extension surgeries. It feels not so good to see a penis opened for surgical operation. During a standard penis extension surgery, the connective tissue under the skin of the penis is cut, the location of it is changed and other cuts and adds are made depending on the doctor’s choice.

What To Do After Penis Extension Surgery?

There are some disadvantages of penis extension surgeries. For example, you are not allowed to have sex for at least two weeks after your surgery. This can be very annoying for most patients because they will mostly be impatient about having sex after their procedure.

The other important thing that should be taken into consideration after penis extension surgery is cleanliness. You should take the best care of your penis, do not expose it to water, touch or scratch it if you experience itching over your surgical area. Your wounded penis is very fragile and sensitive against such actions and you may increase the risk of infection if you take such actions to it.

You may feel a loss of sensation over your penis during your recovery. Some people complain that they still have the same sensation loss even if they recovered from surgical wounds. This can be very annoying after some point but it’s permanent even if it takes more time than usual to disappear.

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