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Penis Extension Surgery Itching

Penis Extension Surgery is one of the most performed cosmetic procedures in the industry. Every person who thinks he has a micropenis hesitate to undergo a penis extension surgery for valid reasons. For example, they fear that they might lose their penis if something went wrong. This is the most feared possibility when it comes to getting a penis extension surgery. This is a complete urban legend these days because such failure cases are very rare. However, there are a couple of complications that should be taken into consideration when it comes to talking about penis extension surgery. For example, penis extension surgery itching is a common complication that can be seen during surgery recovery.

Penis Implants

Most complications seen after an invasive cosmetic procedure like penis extension surgery is actually how your body reacts to these procedures. For example, when you undergo a medical operation that involves implantation on your body, your immune system may target your implant and attack your tissue covering it. You may inflammation, bruising, swelling, pain, rash and possibly itching on your implantation area because of your immune system’s attack on your tissue. However, they are mostly temporary and your body will get used to its existence on your body in time.

Why Itching Happens Over Penis Extension Surgery Area?

Most itching cases are associated with your body’s healing process principles. Most people experience scabbing over their surgical area when they undergo invasive medical procedures. Your skin tissue is supposed to heal by making your blood clot over your surgical area which will typically result in scabbing.

The bigger the scabbing gets, the more possible it becomes to experience itching. Annoying itching over scabbing is mostly concluded that wounds are healing themselves. It is actually a good thing but it’s called a complication because itching may sometimes get uınbearable.

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