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Penis Extension Procedures During Coronavirus Pandemic

For someone who has a micropenis problem, penis extension surgeries might be life-saving. Penis extension treatments can improve the quality of sexual life for men, especially those with a penis size less than 10 cm. Is it currently the right moment for penile surgery? Is it safe to have such an operation, especially now that Covid-19‘s effects have spread over the globe?

Every year, the desire for penile augmentation procedures increasingly grew. However, as a result of the spread of Covid-19, interest in penis extension operations, like all other cosmetic procedures, has diminished. There have been days when people have refused to leave their houses in order to prevent infection by Coronavirus. Now, we are living in times that people began to leave their homes after the vaccination was discovered and all essential measures were taken. With the introduction of new transportation rules, the number of people seeking penile enlargement surgery has surged once more.

Precautions In Hospitals Against Coronavirus

We can clearly say that penis extension and other plastic operations can be performed safely. There is no Covid-19-related risk in getting such surgery, given the measures made in hospitals and operating rooms. Some of the actions done in hospitals to fight Covid-19 are listed below.

  • In the last seven days, social distance restrictions, personal protection regulations, masks, and hand hygiene have all been observed without incident.
  • You and your family have shown no signs of Covid-19 in the last 15 days and have had no contact with people who are Covid-19 positive.
  • The PCR test will be negative two days before the surgical date. Before the procedure, you will be quarantined at home for a week.
  • Until the day of operation and discharge, visitors will not be permitted.

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