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Penis Extension Problems

Penis size has always been the number one subject of men’s minds. There are too many men who live with micropenises. If a penis is shorter than 5 inches, this means that it is a micropenis. A micropenis can naturally and surgically be increased in length. Penis extension surgery is the most common invasive procedure that involves the surgical relocation of the penis and grants it a longer appearance. Penis extension surgery is highly invasive but it’s very safe today. However, just like any other cosmetic procedure, penis extension problems are also inevitable, even with such technology of the 2020s.

Not just penis extension surgery, but the whole penis extension methods present risk to the penis. For example, the most common natural way to increase penis length is the penis stretching exercises. They aim to create micro-tears on the skin of your penis. These microtears heal up and your increased penis length stays remain. However, penis stretching exercises are mostly called dangerous by most experts because they claim that people may damage the structure of their penises during such exercises.

Penis pumpers and penis extenders have similar working principles. Penis pumper forces your penis to keep erect and stay like for at least 45 minutes. This item is believed to effective in granting a good length to the penis. However, they can be as dangerous as natural penis stretching exercises because people may not set these items according to their penis’s characteristics.

Penis extension surgery can also be risk depending o the case. It is very hard to provide a bigger size to a micropenis with a penis extension surgery. That’s people may experience several complications like swelling, bruising, itching, infection and mostly sensation loss.

However, if a penis extension surgery patient manages to stay home and not move too much, he will probably be just fine after his recovery and can enjoy his new penis.

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