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Penis Enlargement Surgery Risks

Penis enlargement surgery or penis girth surgery is actually one of the most performed cosmetic surgery among penile enlargement procedures. People from all over the world visit so many countries to undergo such cosmetic procedures. Penis enlargement surgery is mostly safe, however, it has happened in the past that people complained about terrible complications because of several reasons. But it’s different today because candidates are more careful and surgeons are more skilled and experienced. However, one can’t simply deny that penis enlargement surgery risks can still hurt the patients since it’s an invasive cosmetic procedure after all.

Penis enlargement surgery is actually a skin transplantation procedure. A donor area ( one of your legs or arms ) is designated for the skin removal procedure. A big skin piece is marked to be removed from your donor area. Once the skin piece is removed, it’s implanted on your penis. The procedure is highly invasive but not risky and dangerous as procedures like penis extension surgery.

The recovery may take a little longer than expected because patients can suffer from loss of sensation. Scabs and itching are inevitable but they are indicators of your recovery. Once you see scabs show up, this means you’re healing. The biggest problem when it comes to getting a penis girth surgery is generally associated with your donor area’s status after recovery.

Removal of the big skin piece from your donor area will inevitably result in a big scar which is the worst part of the penis girth surgery. Most candidates change their minds when they learn about the scar problem. Some patients use tattoos to make their scars less visible, it can be quite effective but does not provide complete invisibility. Additional aesthetic procedures can be performed to conceal the scars in some cases.

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