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Penile Elongation Surgery

Penile elongation surgery or penis extension surgery is the most common medical operation that involves the surgical increase of penis length. It is actually called the riskiest penis enhancement procedure in the world. However, the term ” riskiest ” does not mean that penile elongation surgery is a cutthroat one. It’s just risky when it’s compared to other penis enhancement procedures like penis girth surgery, penile augmentation surgery, and penuma implant.

Penile elongation surgery is a highly invasive medical procedure in which the connective tissue under the skin of the penis is cut. Once the connection is cut, the penis is moved to a bit front. The location of the penis is changed in order to make it look longer. After its location is changed, the connective tissue is sutured again and the opened areas on the penis skin are closed. Penis elongation surgery requires a longer time for recovery when it’s compared to other penis extension and enlargement procedures.

For example, penile elongation surgeon warns their patients about sexual intercourse. Patients are not allowed to have sex within two weeks after their penile elongation surgery. The early recovery of the penis is very important and such exposures should be avoided in order to prevent complications like infection ( despite it’s rare ).

Penis extension surgeries have generally longer recovery periods when they are compared to penis enlargement procedures. Besides, so many people complain that they experienced a loss of sensation on their penis because of the procedures. This is a common penis extension surgery complication but it’s not permanent. It may even take a year for your penis to get its sensation back.

Most complications are seen because of poor post-surgery care of the penis. People generally do not follow the no-sex rule during the early days of recovery. It’s normal that one may not be so patient about his big new penis, but forcing your wounded penis tissue like that may cost you even more.

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