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Penile Circumcision

Circumcision is the process of excess skin removal from the penis. It is actually a custom in Islam religion. Penile circumcision is believed to beneficial in everyday comfort in terms of keeping the penis clean and sterile. Not just Muslims but also some Christians undergo penile circumcision surgery to get rid of the excess skin on the frontal area of the penis.

Penile circumcision is one of the simplest medical procedures in the world. Many people even get their new-born babies circumcised when they’re born. Some experts claim that it may be dangerous to circumcise a new-born baby because he is probably fragile to the environment after birth.

Penile circumcision is actually a bit of hardship at older ages. Anxiety over such procedures and the risk of complication increases according to age. However, the risk is minimal and there are not so many complication cases that have been reported so far.

The penis is administered local anesthesia in multiple areas. After the anesthetics take effect, the excess skin on the penis is simply removed with a scalpel or scalpel-like surgical removal instrument. When the skin removal procedure is completed, the remaining skin is stitched to the penis as the final step.

Penile circumcision is a simple medical procedure, similar to skin-lift and skin removal procedures that are performed to get rid of the excess skin on the body. Patients should not wear pants and jeans for about ten days and rest during the early days of recovery.

After that, the stitches should be removed if all of the scabs seem like they are about to fall. The full recovery is not supposed to take more than a month. Slight swelling and itching can be seen during the early days of the recovery. The risk of infection and other severe complications is too low.

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