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Penile Augmentation

There are three most common penis enlargement procedures that can be successfully performed in the aesthetic clinics. Penile augmentation, penuma device implant, and the traditional penis enlargement surgery can provide you a penis with a larger size. However, each of these techniques is different from each other in many ways. The most important difference is associated with incisions that are made during these procedures. However, penile augmentation procedure is one of the least invasive aesthetic procedures and it also has the lowest complication risks among the others.

Penile augmentation is not different than any other augmentation procedure like breast augmentation, Brazilian butt-lift, or face augmentation methods. It has the same principles. Liposuction is the main aesthetic method used to extract fat cells from several parts of the body. These fat cells are later injected by the surgeon under the skin of the patient’s penis.

The whole procedure is generally expected to take just one hour. Every surgeon builds an individualized procedure plan for their patients. The places where the fat cells are going to be liposuctioned and how much of these fat cells are going to be injected under the skin of the penis are determined by both the patient and the surgeon himself.

Penile Augmentation vs Penuma and Penis Enlargement Surgery

Penile augmentation is the least invasive penis enlargement procedure when it is compared to the penuma device implant and the traditional invasive penis enlargement surgery. The recovery from penile augmentation maximum takes a week. After this period, patients can return their daily activities and are even allowed to have sex.

However, we can’t say the same for penuma and penis enlargement surgery. You are not allowed to have sex for at least two weeks after the surgery. The complications are too many and you need to take extra care of yourself during the recovery.

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