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Painless Penis Extension Surgery

Penis extension surgery is performed to increase the length of a penis which is considered a micropenis. There thousands of men who are considered living with their micropenis. Most of them generally hesitate to do something about it. However, some people may not stand to live with a micropenis for the rest of their lives and consider getting a penis extension surgery. However, most of these people would like to undergo a painless penis extension surgery because people feel anxious when it comes to speaking of such a medical procedure performed on their penises.

People actually have a right to think like that. The penis is everything for a man. It’s true that one can’t have sex without a penis but that’s not the only factor. Penis size is generally associated with people’s self-consciousness, self-trust, and self-esteem. It affects all of these things. However, people mostly think about the possible pain that can be seen during or after penis extension surgeries.

First thing, you will not feel any pain during your penis extension surgery. This is not particular for penis extension procedures only, pain during a medical procedure is history because there are many types of local and general anesthetics which can be administered for specific types of medical procedures.

Second thing, possible pain after penis extension surgery is almost inevitable during your early recovery. However, people generally do not suffer from severe pain during their post-surgery recovery period. Since every person has different immune systems and body characteristics, their body may react differently to such medical procedures.

A penis extension surgery candidate may suffer from severe pain during recovery even if it’s rare. When the pain becomes agonizing, a surgeon’s consultancy may be needed for prescription painkillers. It should be taken into consideration that drugs that are taken without surgeons’ knowledge may result in more severe complications.

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