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Micropenis Surgery

There are many men who think that they are destined to live with a micropenis. Micropenis is not longer than 5 inches. Most of them do not have enough girth required for good sex life. Since most of the natural methods and non-invasive ways used to increase the girth of the penis are not effective, men may consider getting micropenis surgery at some point in their lives.

Micropenis surgery is a combination of invasive cosmetic procedures in which the length and the width of the penis are increased. Several invasive procedures can be used to increase the size of a micropenis. In micropenis cases, penis extension surgery is inevitable because the biggest problem of micropenis is generally associated with the length of it.

Skin pieces are extracted from donor areas of the candidates. This procedure is required to give fullness to the penis to increase its width. Micropenis surgery is a highly invasive cosmetic procedure and the wounded penis requires a really long time to recover from its wounds.

Besides, skin donor areas will also need time to recover from their own wounds. There will be big scars on your donor areas, they can’t completely be concealed with medical methods. However, people generally use tattoos to cover these big scars on their donor areas.

Your surgeon will prepare a personalized surgery map for you. Since they are a couple of invasive ways to increase the length and width of the penis, your doctor will decide which ones will be your procedures. Penuma device is can not be performed with penis extension surgery at the same time.

However, you will probably undergo penis extension and the standard penis girth surgeries at the same time. Penile augmentation procedures are not generally preferred after penis extension surgeries because they have a high risk of failure when they’re done with other medical procedures

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