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How To Sleep After Penis Extension Surgery

Penis extension surgery is one of the most invasive cosmetic procedures in the world. The success rate of it is very high, however, it’s still a risky procedure and the number of people who would like to uındergo such procedures is not so high. However, the riskiest part about penis extension surgery is not the procedure itself, it’s the post-surgery period when you should take the best care of your penis. For example, one should even have to know how to sleep after penis extension surgery because the penis requires really a long time to recover from the procedure wounds.

If you want to take the best care of your penis after penis extension surgery, then you should follow your surgeon’s instructions. It is important for you to provide the most comfortable environment for your penis during recovery. For example, you are not allowed to expose your penis to water or sunlight during the early days of recovery. It is true that you will need to spend a lot of time at your house during recovery, however, it’s also in your hands that you pass your recovery better and faster.

You should sleep on your back and break your knees and put an item under your feet. An additional pillow is the best thing to do this job. This is the best position that you can get into for the comfort of your penis. You should not put heavy blankets and compression underwear clothes during your sleep.

It is best to put something thin to cover your body. You can’t afford it if you cause your penis to sweat because it may even result in a penis extension surgery failure. You should limit your movement during your sleep. Since you can’t control your body while sleeping, you can put some other pillow on one of your sides which your body tends to turn to during your sleep.

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