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How to Enlarge Penis?

If you are not satisfied with the size of your penis, then you may be wondering how to enlarge it. Although there are numerous methods on the market, unfortunately, not all of them are proven techniques. Yet, some of them may still help you.

This is why we have gathered three methods you can consider depending on your penis size and expectations.

Enlarging Penis with Pills and Lotions

The first thing that comes to mind when penis enlargement is in question is pills or lotions. Unfortunately, there are no proven effects of pills. They are effective in terms of increasing your sex drive, but they cannot offer you a permanent solution in terms of enlarging your penis. Yet, they are still effective for short-term enlargement.

In the same way, lotions do not have any effect, at least permanent ones. If you are looking for temporary enlargement, then we still do not recommend lotions. Pills can be a better choice for temporary enlargement.

Enlarging Penis with Exercises

Just like penis enlargement pills and lotions, exercises do not also offer a permanent solution for enlargement. Although you may be performing these exercises for a decade, they will not provide permanent results. You can think of your penis size as your length. Just like you cannot increase your length by playing basketball every day, you cannot increase the size of your penis by exercising every day.

Enlarging Penis with Surgery

Penis enlargement surgery is the only proven method to increase the size of your penis permanently. However, this method is not efficient either. It is because the maximum size you can enjoy is about three to four centimeters.

Considering its side effects and possible complications that can lead to penis removal, you may not want to risk it. If you are looking for an answer for how to enlarge the penis temporarily, you can prefer the pills.

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