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How Penis Extension Surgery Works

Some people think that sex life is measured with penis size. They actually have a right to think so because it is a fact that penis size, especially the girth of a penis has a great effect on sex performance in terms of satisfaction. However, not all men have a penis with enough girth. They may try different methods to make their penis look girthier or longer. Some may achieve success, some don’t. Those who fail to achieve some success with natural methods may consider getting a penis extension surgery. There are a couple of invasive penis extension surgery types. One should gather some information on how penis extension surgery works before getting one.

Penis extension surgery is an invasive cosmetic procedure. The connective tissue under the skin of the penis is cut by the surgeon during this procedure. After that surgeon pulls the penis to more front granting the penis a longer size. Surgeons may perform adds and cuts if they find it necessary. Since it’s very invasive, it needs longer recovery time. Penis extension surgery patients are not allowed to have sex for at least two weeks. This is generally based on cases.

Should I Get A Penis Extension Surgery?

The final word is always yours to say. Your surgeon tells you about your options about your penis extension situation. Since it’s very invasive, possible complications are almost inevitable during your recovery.

There a couple of cases in which some of the penis extension surgery patients have troubled with severe complications like infection and necrosis. Skin necrosis is a disease in which surgically processed skin tissue dies.

Infection is generally associated with poor aftercare of the penis. Some patients do not obey ” no sex for a month ” rule and experienced this severe complication. Since it may become too risky, surgeons do not generally accept the requests of some penis extension surgery candidates’ requests which they find risky.

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