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Foods That Increase Sexual Power

A healthy diet is necessary for a healthy sexual life, and some foods provide more benefits in this regard. So which foods increase sexual performance, which foods increases sexual desire?

Having a healthy body is of great importance in terms of sexual power. Hence, the benefits that some foods provide to the body in terms of sexual power are so much. Here are some foods that are believed to increase sexual power.

    • It has been used as an aphrodisiac for many years. Due to the amount of zinc it contains, it increases the production of male hormones. It was also determined that zinc increased sperm quality at the same time.
    • It is a fruit that increases sexual power. Grapefruit juice is even more effective.
    • The most important minerals in molasses are iron, calcium, and potassium. Taking it with tahini increases the effect. Iron functions as an oxygen transporter in the body, primarily in the composition of red blood cells. It increases the energy and sexual power of the person.
    • It is rich in fiber, protein, and vitamins. It gives energy and increases sexual power.
    • It is very rich in vitamin A and potassium. When consumed in excess, it helps your digestive system to work quickly. It makes the muscles and the brain work more regularly and get less tired; increases sexual potency.
    • Honey balances the estrogen hormone in women with the boron minerals it contains. In addition, it has been proven that boron minaret balances the testosterone hormone in men and increases the sexual instinct in both men and women. In addition, the vitamin B it contains is good for the testosterone hormone.
    • It is a root used in traditional Chinese and South American medicine to increase sexual power. A study has revealed that ginseng increases sexual desire and copulation capacity. While showing these effects on the nervous system and ovaries, it can also increase the quality of erection in men by affecting the blood vessels coming to the penis area.
  • FIG
    • One of the oldest fruits, the fig was compared to the female genitalia in most civilizations in history. Adam and Eve covered their private parts with the leaves of this fruit mentioned in the Bible. The ancient Greeks considered the fig, Cleopatra’s favorite fruit, as a symbol of love and fertility.

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