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Faster Recovery After Penis Extension Surgery

Most people think that penis extension surgery is a dangerous cosmetic surgery and the success rate is not so high. It’s partly true for penis extension surgery is really a risky procedure but the success rate of it is very high. You may want to undergo such cosmetic procedures if you have a micropenis situation. However, you should not forget that it’s a highly invasive one and you need to be so careful during the post-surgery recovery period. In order to have faster recovery after penis extension surgery, certain things should be done. There are also things that you should not do during the early days of recovery.

Penis extension surgery is quite different than penis enlargement procedures like penile augmentation, penuma device implantation, or penis girth surgery. It aims to increase the length of the penis by making adds and cuts on the penis structure. It is a high invasive cosmetic procedure and patients need to be so careful during the early days of recovery.

If you want to recover from penis extension surgery faster, you should drink lots of water because this is what is supposed to be done after every kind of medical surgery. Your tissue needs water more than anything during the recovery.

You should provide a safe and comfortable environment for your wounded penis. For example, you should not touch, scratch, and pull your penis and you do not even think about having sex for a long time because this is a risk you can’t take. You would not want to suffer from terrible complications or even infection. They may not only increase your recovery period but also put your penis in danger.

It is always possible to suffer from a complete penis extension surgery failure if you do not follow your surgeon’s post-surgery recovery instructions. You should not use lotions and creams without your doctor’s knowledge. Use prescription drugs, creams, and lotions only.

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