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Penis Extension Surgery FAQs

Penis extension surgery involves the surgical opening of the penis to increase the length of it. It’s highly invasive and the number of people who undergo such a cosmetic procedure is not that high. Penis extension surgery is mostly preferred by those who think that they have micropenises. A micropenis is considered a health problem by most experts. There are lots of penis extension surgery FAQs even if the number of people who undergo these procedures is very low. Let’s take a look at the common questions that are asked by candidates and try to give the right answers to them in our post:

  • Is it really safe to undergo a penis extension surgery?
  • What are the eligibility requirements for penis extension surgery?
  • Can old people undergo penis extension surgery?
  • What are the complications that are associated with penis extension surgery?
  • Where is the best place to undergo a penis extension surgery?
  • When is the right time for penis extension surgery?
  • How is penis extension surgery performed?
  • Are there any non-surgical alternatives to penis extension surgery?
  • Are penis extension procedures are expensive?
  • Can I undergo a penis extension surgery in a foreign country?
  • What should be done during penis extension surgery recovery?

Penis extension surgeries of today are quite safe when they are compared to those of the past. It has happened in the past that people even lost the function of the penises because of poor procedures carried out by unskilled surgeons. Besides, eligibility requirements for such procedures were not too many. Today, it’s different. Both candidates and surgeons are more careful than ever.

Your penis is surgically opened and the connective tissue is cut by the surgeon. The location of the penis is changed by pulling it a bit front. This makes him look longer than before. After that, the separate skin and tissue sides are sutured together as the final state.

There is no age limit for penis extension surgery once you meet all the eligibility requirements. If you do not have any serious health condition, heart, and skin diseases, then you are good to go. Candidates who have elastic skin are always one step ahead.

Penis extension surgery is really an expensive cosmetic procedure. However, you can visit a foreign country like Turkey for a good penis extension surgery at a good price. Prices are almost 5 times cheaper in clinics in Istanbul because of the currency differences between the western countries and the Turkish Lira.

You should not move your body too often and stay at home if you do not want to suffer from swelling, bruising, inflammation during your recovery. Most people do not obey this rule and move too often and suffer from terrible complications. Itching is almost inevitable but is not a big deal.

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