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Erectile Dysfunction (ED): Everything You Need to Know

Erection is the most important thing for men during sexual intercourse. If a man can’t get erect, we can’t talk about sexual intercourse. Medically, erectile dysfunction (ED) defines as the inability to get or keep an erection firm enough to have sexual intercourse. Although mostly emotional or relational reasons cause erectile dysfunction, sometimes some health problems can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

Causes of erectile dysfunction (ED)

As we mention above, there are two main reasons that cause erectile dysfunction (ED). The one is psychological reasons, and the second is health problems.

Stress, anxiety, depression, relation problems, and emotional problems can be shown as examples of psychological reasons for erectile dysfunction (ED).

On the other hand, diabetes, high cholesterol, hypertension, aging, sleep disorders, drug use, consuming too many tobacco products, Peyronie disease, obesity, and cardiovascular disease can be shown as examples of health problems that can cause erectile dysfunction (ED).

Treatment of ED

There are several ways to treat erectile dysfunction (ED). But you need to detect the underlying reason that causes ED because the treatment methods can change the underlying reason that causes ED.

  • Medications are one of the effective techniques used in the treatment of erectile dysfunction (ED). Talk to your doctor about getting the best medications for you.
  • If psychological reasons underlie your erectile dysfunction (ED), you may benefit from talk therapy. If erectile dysfunction (ED) is affecting your relationship with your partner, you should also consider speaking with a relationship counselor.
  • Vacuum pumps are another way to treat ED because blood is drawn into the penis as the vacuum pump is used, and it leads to an erection.

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